Main characters

This section contains a basic description of each character who appears in The Legend of the Five Shadows.

Major Players


Ecko is a calm, passive-aggressive elf who appears obsessed with hoarding information. Living a double life under his cover alias Sosei Moshi, he is adept at penetrating electronic defenses and locating relevant information. When he isn’t Shadowrunning, his spare time is devoted to hardcore online gaming and maintaining his cover as a network security analyst for CRANE. When socially interacting with others, his attitude reflects one who has spent too much time in front of a terminal. In stark contrast to his attitude, he appears to have little to no cyberware or bioware enhancing him; others may view him as “old-fashioned” in both his attitude and his enhancements. (For more information, see Ecko.)


Gilette is something blue, something newish, with probably something borrowed. The character is a runner with a bit of experience in the field – however without that much of a reputation. Gilette keeps her head down, using different names and changing her appearance quite a bit to try and stay unrecognizable in the shadows. However with the hit of her SURGE, the potential to remain hidden has came to an abrupt end. Gilette’s current alias is Kiyomie Nodoka, and works as a stripper in the lower-end districts of the city. She holds a nature of being ‘untouchable’ or confident, to say it nicely. Blue skinned, with four arms, feathers for hair, horns and a tail, Gilette cuts an interesting figure; and spends most of her time preparing for her next run, or getting ready to run period. (See here for details.)

Major NPCs

Minor NPCs

Main characters

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