Legend of the Five Shadows

1st Shadow
First game!

Hey everyone, this is the adventure log for our game! Great eh? Alright, so at the last game, everyone was informed to problems within a lower region of Zakyo Toshi. Zakyo Toshi, for descriptive purposes looks similar to Final Fantasy 7’s Midgard with a floating disk/city/region thing on top – kinda like Bespin from StarWars. The problems in the lower districts seem to have revolved around faulty cyberware produced by one Iname Systems, a subsidiary bought out by CRANE Corp. a few months ago. The party found information on a Kikuchiyo Reisen, who seems to be the one pulling the strings, and siphoning a substantial bit of money away from the company all the same – pushing it farther into the red. The party was given a week to complete the mission, though it is currently on day three.

Objective: Find the problem with the Cyberware – stop it.


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